This warranty document also serves as a Certificate of Compliance. Firuze Inc. guarantees that its products will meet or exceed the performance specifications outlined in ANSI A137.1- 2008 and in the performance data section of the Firuze Inc. general product catalog and the company's corporate website at www.Firuze.com .

Residential Lifetime Quality Warranty Should any Firuze Inc. product installed in a residential setting fail due to manufacturing defect, Firuze Inc. will repair or replace the defective product pieces as it deems fit (installation not included). This Firuze Inc. Lifetime Warranty covers your purchase of Firuze Inc. products for as long as you own your home. This warranty is non-transferable. .

Commercial Warranty In the event of latent defects caused by improper manufacture, the company will replace any defective units FOB plant, provided the company is notified within six months of installation or within 12 months of shipment of product, whichever occurs first. Regarding both Residential and Commercial Warranties, specific installation details, structural design and environmental conditions are beyond the control of the Company. Firuze Inc. cannot accept responsibility for the performance of its products where improper installation, design or environmental conditions exist. You can find more information about our many tile products, along with other Product Performance Data and installation specifications at www.firuze.com or call

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